FC-A-050-100R (72LP)

Saw chain FC-A-050-100R (ARCHER) (72LP-100, 3/8 “) is an Australian brand manufactured according to international standards



The saw chain (slug) is an indispensable accessory for a saw. Therefore, we recommend that users should regularly check and sharpen the chain before use to achieve maximum efficiency and safety. Archer Saw Chain is a brand from Australia, manufactured according to international standards, creating quality products, competitive prices. An Huu Co., Ltd is proud to be the only Archer importer in Vietnam, specializing in the distribution of gasoline chain saw, saw chain, chain cutting tools, chain rivets and other gasoline chain saw machine parts. On the market today there are many competing products with other brands, originating from Australia easily confused with Archer products distributed by An Huu. We recommend that users research carefully about the product, only buy Archer products directly from An Huu or through the Archer agents distributed by An Huu to avoid losing money, bringing about the wrong purchase of counterfeit and fake products, low quality


Products FC-A-050-100R (ARCHER) (72LP-100, 3/8")
Number of chain 816
Chain Pitch 3/8"
Chain Gauge 1.3
Dry weight (kg) 9

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